Derek Chang's Koto Sushi Restaurant in Baton Rouge

2562 Citiplace Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808


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Derek Chang Chef Derek Chang has created one of the finest sushi restaurants in America right in the middle of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His dramatic and flavorful creations delight the eye as well as the palette.

Derek combines the skills of a traditionally trained Sushi Chef, many years of hard work and experience, and an astounding level of creativity. His efforts elevate sushi to a form of art. When one of his creations is brought to your table, by the attentive wait staff, take a moment to savor the visual work of art before you. Don't take too long, the ride is about to begin. The flavors are masterful combinations of exotic ingredients that dance on the tongue leaving no doubt that you have discovered something truly special.

I lived in Japan for several years and call Southern California home. Koto holds its own against the best sushi restaurants in both of those hotbeds of sushi creativity.

The Tepan grills are another wonderland, one part show and two parts gastronomic delight. Called Teppanyaki in Japan the art of cooking on a large very hot steel grill is something you should not miss. The heavy steel holds an enormous amount of heat searing meats and seafood, sealing in juices and phenomenal flavor. So take a seat at one of the grills and select a teppanyaki delight, if you would like some sushi to start, just ask.

If your tastes run in a more traditional vein Derek's cadre of assistant chefs have all of the traditional sushi classics down to perfection and the kitchen staff can prepare a wide range of delicious Japanese cuisine.

Copyright 2012 Derek Chang and James Jordan

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